agosto 15, 2010

Tip of The Day (1)

How to move windows that open up offscreen?

I have a dual monitor setup, and I recently played around with the positioning settings, and some of my single window applications do the favour of preserving where they were last closed, and opening in the same position later. Unfortuanately, that now places them out of the viewable area of my screens!

Is there some way to force a particular window into the viewable area? If it matters at all, this is on Windows XP 32b.

I use this approach:

* Use ALT+TAB to switch to the off-screen application.
* Press ALT-SPACE to bring up the system menu (you won't see it because it is off screen)
* Press R to select the "Restore" menu choice to ensure the windows isn't is maximized (you can not move it if it is maximized)
* Press ALT-SPACE again, then M to select the "Move" menu choice.
* Press one of the arrow keys to initiate the movement.
* Now just use the mouse to place the window where you want.

If you are using a non-english version of Windows, the "R" and "M" menu choices probably wil be different.

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